Kiddimoto 3 Things You Need To Know About Our Scooters

3 Things You Need To Know About Our U-Zoom Scooters

3 Things You Need To Know About Our U-Zoom Scooters

We don't just specialise in balance bikes, we're pretty good at anything with wheels! Our U-Zoom kids scooters get kids outside and active all across the globe, here are 3 things you may not know about them.... 

One: They Have Magic Light Up Wheels!

Ok, you can probably stop reading now because this is the most important thing you need to know. If it was acceptable to wear light up shoes as an adult we all would. But, did you know that the lights in our scooters are powered by magnets and not by batteries? Don't ask how, we make balance bikes, we aren't scientists.

Two: Their Maximum Speed Is 16.5 mph!

We are definately not encouraging anybody to go this quickly on a scooter, but it is pretty cool nonetheless.

Three: They've Gone As Far As New Zealand!

The furthest stockist from HQ here in Cheddar, Somerset is a store called Little Trooper in Tauranga, New Zealand. All hands in the office go up when we plan who's going to visit!

3 things you didn't know about our kids scooters | Kiddimoto


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