Childrens Balance Bike

Childrens Balance Bike

Teach Your Toddler To Ride A Childrens Balance Bike Before starting, make sure your child is wearing their helmet correctly. Their straps need to b...

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Kiddimoyo why your little one should wear cycle gloves

Why Should Your Little One Wear Cyling Gloves?

Kids cycling gloves are still a relatively niche product. Not readily available from many 'kids bike brands', gloves are seen by many as an unnecessary add on purchase when buying a kids bike. But, here's why you should think about protecting their palms - you won't be able to wait until you've got your mitts on them! 

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How Team Kiddimoto Celebrate The Festive Season

How Kiddimoto do Christmas!

We have mentioned in previous posts how much team Kiddimoto love Christmas, but we will say it again! So how do we all celebrate the big day? What do we look forward to? What do we wish happened all year round? Keep reading and you'll find out how Kiddimoto do Christmas.

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Kiddimoto - Keep them safe cycling this winter

Keep Them Safe Cycling This Winter

If you are anything  like Team Kiddimoto, then you aren't a fair weather cycle family. However, the Winter months provide even more elements to battle with, so we have put together our top tips for safe cycling for the whole family this Winter.

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You can't beat a balance bike at Christmas

You Can't Beat a Balance Bike At Christmas!

We love Christmas here at Kiddimoto, fairy lights, our favourite films and festive jumpers.

When it gets to the big day, nothing beats seeing their little face light up when they open that gift they’ve been waiting for all year. This is it. They can finally be like their older sibling. They’ve got their first bike.

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New Kiddimoto IKON full face helmets

Why Our IKON Full Face Helmets Are The Business.

We are one of the worlds largest kids helmet brands. We protect over 100,00 heads a year world wide. With our launch into the more grown up world of pedal bikes looming (keep an eye out in the next few months!) we thought we would need a more grown up helmet. Let us introduce you to the IKON Full Face helmet.

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