Kiddimoto Team's Favourite Balance Bikes

Our Favourite Balance Bikes | The Kiddimoto Team

Our Favourite Balance Bikes | The Kiddimoto Team

Working for the UK's original balance bike company, we always get asked about our favourite balance bikes. Well, if that has been a burning question for you, keep reading, as the team nominate their favourite balance bikes from our range!

'My favourite is our bestselling Pastel Dotty Super Junior Max for sentimental reasons as my daughter has just finished mastering the art of balancing on it, ready to progress to her pedal bike.

It has been so easy for her to use, and great to be able to learn how to brake - we've had a couple of near misses but of course she was wearing her matching helmet and bike gloves!'

Steve, Sales and Marketing Director

Our Favourite Balance Bikes | Super Junior Max

'My favourite is the BMX. Having grown up in the 80's BMX biking was brand new and everyone watched in awe as these new breed of riders performed jaw dropping tricks and stunts.

The Kiddimoto BMX is totally inspired by those classic high perfrmance bikes, from the chunky tyres to the iconic handlebar. On top of that, it is a really high spec bike with an aluminium frame and steel headset bearings. Even my teenage son thinks it's a cool bike, and that's high praise indeed!'

Will, Export Manager

Our favourite balance bikes | BMX

'My favourite is the Kurve in our Cherry Print. It has been in the range since I started with the company 7 years ago, and it is still my favourite design and still going strong! The simplicity of the design is timeless, cute and really suits the shape of our Kurve bikes.'

Laura, Operations Manager

Our Favourite Balance Bikes By Team Kiddimoto

'I am a big fan of a certain famous couple of mice, so I was immediately drawn to our Red Dotty Kurve! If I could ride one during our next trip to Florida I most definately would but being a big kid at heart and being a bit too big to ride one nowadays are two separate things! I'll have to take being tall enough to go on all of the rides as the silver lining there...'

Kelly, Brand Manager

Our favourite balance bikes | Red Dotty Kurve

'My favourite is the Red Super Junior, out of the three colours available I think the red is the best, and automatically makes you think of fast cars and daredevils.

It was close between the Super Junior and the Super Junior Max - I like both of the designs, but just prefer balance bikes without the brakes!'

William, Sales Support

Our favourite balance bikes | super junior

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