Kiddimoto Sponsor Next Moto Superstar Logan

The Next MotoGP Superstar | Meet Logan 46

The Next MotoGP Superstar | Meet Logan 46

We're sponsoring Logan Cox, the next MotoGP superstar - you heard it here first!

Logan is not your average 4 year old, his passion for motorbikes is infectious. At as early as 6 months, Logan loved to sit on his Dad's FZ8 motorbike. He adored the noises it would make and revving it if it was running.

Logan's parents, also keen MotoGP fans noticed how much little Logan enjoyed watching the races on the tv. They decided to take a family trip to Silverstone to watch it in real time. This was not only a first for Logan but a first for Mum and Dad too!

'When we arrived the bikes were on the track and Logan at 2 years old was already getting excited in the car park! We managed to find a little spot to spectate and the bikes were soon racing round the track. When they passed us Logan's reaction was priceless on every single lap. That's when we got the phones out...'

Oh yeah, you might recognise Logan from a VERY viral video!

Look at his little face!

Logan enjoyed his time so much that he wanted other people to share in his joy, so uploaded it to Facebook. Within 48 hours the video had received over 48 million views!

From then Logan started to receive gifts from around the world and was invited to motorcycle and MotoGP events as a VIP! He even got recognised and asked for pictures - what a little celebrity! After all of the love he received his parents set up a Facebook page so that his global fan base could stay up to date, he now has over 9,000 followers! Logan's success has also landed him on TV where he was filmed at Silverstone for the series Toddlers Make You Laugh Out Loud. He was a star and enjoyed showing people his love of bikes!

Logan Cox MotoGP Superstar Sponsored By Kiddimoto

During his rise to fame, Logan decided he wanted to start riding himself, but at 2 years old that can be a little bit difficult! He started on a Kiddimoto balance bike that taught him the control needed to ride a real motorbike. He even started to do tricks on it - standing on the seat and trying to pull wheelies!

The next step for Logan was to his Revvi - an electric kids bike with more than enough power without being dangerous for young riders. This bike taught him throttle control and how to use brakes.

At 3 years old he wanted something a little faster and got a Yamaha PW50 from Skellerns Motorcycles in Worcester - his new pride and joy.

Logan ha been riding his PW50 at every given opportunity and has come a long way. He loves to go fast and isn't scared to wind the throttle back! He is now 4 years old and really wants to get out on the track, 'just like Rossi!' Logan wants to get his knee scraping on that tarmac! To do this he needs to get some practice in on the next machine, so now has a MPR Bambino SM90 Semi Auto that he will eventually be racing on, we're sure it won't be long!

Logan Cos the next MotoGP Superstar Sponsorsed By Kiddimoto

Logan Cox has such a passion for bike racing. He is a complete natural and we are so proud to be his sponsor.

'We are so thankful to Logan's sponsors who are helping him at this very early stage. We will never forget these people that can see the potential Logan has and are willing to help him try and get where he wants to be with his racing.'


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