You can't beat a balance bike at Christmas

You Can't Beat a Balance Bike At Christmas!

You Can't Beat a Balance Bike At Christmas!

We love Christmas here at Kiddimoto, fairy lights, our favourite films and festive jumpers.

When it gets to the big day, nothing beats seeing their little face light up when they open that gift they’ve been waiting for all year. This is it. They can finally be like their older sibling. They’ve got their first bike.

If you have never looked at the sheer amount of bikes for kids that are out there, you may find it slightly daunting at first! Have you seen bikes without pedals? Are you even more confused?

This Is A Balance Bike.

A bike without pedals can look a little peculiar, but balance bikes have been proven to be the best way to introduce little ones to the wonderful world of two wheels. We’ll let you off for not knowing what a balance bike is as they are still a relatively new concept.

In a world where stabilisers have reigned supreme for so many years, they are starting to shine through as the top choice for first bikes. Instead of relying on stabilisers, little ones learn the key skill of staying upright immediately.

They run along the ground whilst sitting on the bike, and if they do need to steady themselves they only have to put their feet on the ground.

When the time comes to progress to a pedal bike, they already have the ability to keep their stability resulting in less bumps and bruises! Children who learn to cycle with stabilisers have to manage the task of balancing and pedalling all in one go – effectively starting from scratch! 

There is not only a large variety of children’s pedal bikes, there are literally hundreds of balance bikes out there too! Their increase in popularity has corresponded with an increase in selection. But just remember we are the UK’s originals!

Super Junior, £49.99
Our Super Junior bikes are THE perfect first bike. They are incredibly light and have clever steering limiters making them incredibly easy for little hands to manoeuvre, and stress free to adjust for bigger hands! They have a comfortable padded seat in an upright BMX style riding position similar to that of a pedal bike. 

Super Junior Max, £79.99
The Super Junior’s older sibling. Super Junior Max bikes are again extremely lightweight and fully adjustable. They have the addition of a drum brake to the rear as well as a carry handle just behind the seat! Available in a range of fun and funky designs. 

Kurve, £39.99
A classic style wooden balance bike again available in an array of funky patterns. These are slightly bigger than our metal bike range making them perfect for older children aged three and up. The padded seat can easily adjusted between three heights and the wooden wheels have pneumatic tyres.

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