Why Kiddimoto Helmets are So Important

Use Your Head | Why Helmets Are So Imortant!

Use Your Head | Why Helmets Are So Imortant!

Accidents Happen!

Every year around 300,000 children are taken to A & E because of bike injuries, a lot of these are head injuries which is is why helmets are so important.

why helmets are so important by Kiddimoto

Here at Kiddimoto, we hear a lot of stories of how our helmets have saved children from what could have been very nasty incidents, here's a letter from Alice's Dad:

'Alice had been out with Beavers doing her cycling badge and they had visited our local bike park, which is very much like a BMX track. She had a bad crash and had some facial injuries but thankfully nothing too serious. She was left with a couple of grazes and a small bump on her forehead.

Her Kiddimoto helmet was scraped on the surface, and on closer examination showed how the foam inside had compressed absorbing the energy from the impact. The helmet needed replacing.

Her school wanted to stress the importance of wearing helmets when cycling or scooting to school and her damaged helmet was shown to all pupils in the school during a safety presentation for their bike week

Alice hasn't lost her confidence and still is keen to get out on her bike. Many thanks for such a great product and for the customer service we received from you and your team.'

why helmets are so important by Kiddimoto the helmet experts

Keep safe and look cool at the same time with Kiddimoto's internationally approved helmets. They have an adjustable web inside to ensure a snug fit whilst allowing room for little heads to grow.

We have a variety of helmets that bring style and safety together. Eleven little vents keep heads cool and the extra padding makes sure they're incredibly comfortable. The ABS hard plastic shell is available in two sizes from 2 years and from 5.

To ensure your child's helmet has the correct fit, take a tape measure around the widest point of their head, about an inch above their eyebrows - helmets should fit snugly with room to grow.


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