The Benefits Of Kids Cycling Gloves

Benefits Of Children’s Cycling Gloves- Protect Your Childs Hands

Benefits Of Children’s Cycling Gloves- Protect Your Childs Hands

Kiddimoto children's cycling gloves (also known as biking gloves) are a great accessory for balance biking, scooting and cycling adventures. With over 15 designs to choose from there is a design suitable for every child.

You can even match the design of your gloves to your bike and helmet. We know it may be tricky getting those little fingers into the right holes but getting your child to wear biking gloves is worth the trouble!

Why Kids Cycling Gloves Are A Good Idea

Getting your little one to wear cycling gloves can:

  • Prevent their hands from being grazed
  • Enhance their grip on the handlebars
  • Provide extra cushioning for comfort
  • During the colder months gloves can provide some insulation and protect little hand’s from the elements

 Kiddimoto Kids Gloves Size Guide

kiddimoto size guide









Check out our range of children’s biking gloves here, if you are unsure of the size please check our measurements 

Kiddimoto Glove size guide:

Small – 2-5 years

Medium – 5+ years

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