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Childrens Balance Bike

Childrens Balance Bike

Childrens Balance Bike

Teach Your Toddler To Ride A Childrens Balance Bike

Before starting, make sure your child is wearing their helmet correctly. Their straps need to be tight and there should be a 2 finger gap between the helmet and their eyebrows. If the helmet is not fitted properly it may slip forwards and destruct their view.

We also recommend that the child wears long sleeves and trousers for their first ride, this will cushion their fall and help prevent grazes. Likewise, cycling mitts can also help protect those precious hands!

Childrens Balance Bike

Getting started:

  • First, teach your child to swing their leg over their balance bike, ensuring that they are able to stand and hold their bike on their own. It is important that they able to get on and off the bike themselves, so if they are unable hold the bike up at first, wait for them to do so by reintroducing the bike every so often.
  • Encourage your child to walk with the bike in between their legs before introducing the seated position. This is the best chance to explain how their balance bike’s brake works (if they have one) and demonstrate how this helps them stop.
  • When your child is comfortable with walking along and steering their balance bike you can then introduce their seat. Explain that they need to carry on their walking motion however, they should do this whilst seated. This part is very trial and error and requires a lot of patience.
  • To make it easier to explain how to ride, compare the concept to scooting. A child must use their feet to push their weight propelling the wheels in a forward motion. If they need help balancing stand beside them to provide some assurance that if they fall you will be right beside them to help them up!
  • When your child has mastered the art of scooting along at a walking pace you can now introduce a very small slope to help encourage them to lift their completely off the ground when moving at speed, this is where the real practice begins so be prepared for lots of walking.
  • Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day so it may take many practice sessions before your little one can whizz around by themselves. Every child is different so keep in mind it may take others longer to grasp the concept but it won’t be long before they are adventuring on their own.

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